Must Haves 
Baja Baby Bath Bomb - Watch the beautiful color fizz and dissolve into a sea of blues and greens as you inhale the scents of the beach.

Refreshing, Exfoliating, Hydrating... Our hand whipped Sugar Scrubs are loaded with nutrient rich ingredients making them useful for well more than just average dry skin. Shea Butter packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin E and beneficial fats makes our scrubs perfect for nourishing and moisturizing dry skin, leaving it healthier and more supple. Fine Grain Sugar acts as a natural exfoliant helping to scrub off dead skin revealing the healthy glowing layer of skin beneath. Use our scrubs as a shaving cream to achieve irresistibly smooth skin, head-to-toe. 

Soak sore, tired muscles... Get ready and comfortable for a nice, long soak with one of our Classic Bath Bombs. Loaded with skin replenishing Almond Oil, these Bath Bombs are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants sure to leave your skin healthy and firm. The fun fizzy color explosion is sure to delight anyone. Get one for your every mood! Here, we have something for everyone. 

Cellulite & Stretch Marks... have finally met their match. Caffeinated Coffee Grounds tighten and tone from head to toe leaving even the deepest layers of skin nourished and perky. Coconut Oil is a hydrating powerhouse that works wonders on even the driest of all skin types. Get ready to witness magic as this scrub goes to work on scars, acne, and uneven skin tones. There's nothing this scrub can't do! 

Never Tested on Animals.... Only Dirty Humans 

Madison Stevenson 

Founder & CEO