Lavender Lullaby Sugar Body Scrub

Lavender Lullaby Sugar Body Scrub

A lot of people have probably used a sugar scrub before, but what they haven't experienced is all of the great benefits our scrubs have to offer. While, not only is this scrub great for dry dead skin, it is also great when used in the kitchen. Scrub your hands after cooking with stinky foods like garlic and onions, the smell will be gone in a matter of seconds! Or, you can use it in the shower in place of shaving cream for an amazing long lasting shave. Apply the scrub just like you would shaving cream, then shave off the mixture while periodically rinsing your razor under the shower head if needed. Rinse, dry, and feel the difference. Once you try it, its hard to stop! Shaving with our scrubs won't ruin your razor head or give you razor burn, it will only give you incredibly soft smooth legs and leave you smelling like calming lavender.


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